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If you need cash now to fund your practice, we can help.

As attorneys, we are all too familiar with the unique cash flow problems lawyers, law firms and their clients face, especially if you are working with contingent fee cases and personal injury matters. You may have a number of great cases, but they have not yet settled, or may have settled, but have not yet paid. Instead of moneymakers, they are money pits. In the meantime, the rent is due, and you need to make payroll, loan payments or mortage payments. Meanwhile, your clients are pressuring you to settle their cases for less than their worth because they are in dire financial need. Once you have settled the case, your client may not be able to wait to be paid or becomes disgruntled because of the seemingly empty promise of agreeing to settle.

Legal fee advancement and law firm funding from American Asset Finance LLC can help you maintain your critical cash flow. Funding can take place within 24 hours. We pride ourselves on being a full service litigation financing company for attorneys and their clients and provide the following services:

Legal Fee Receivables
American Asset Finance LLC funds legal fee receivables and will advance you cash against the legal fees you are owed on settled cases and, in some instances, cases before they settle. We will buy the attorneys-fee portion of deferred settlements with governmental entities or insurance companies. We will purchase interests in liquidation-bureau matters, settlements awaiting court approval, class-action settlements, mass-tort settlements, government reinsurance fund settlements, and delayed settlements with foreign or domestic insurance companies. Funding can take place within 24 hours.

Pre-Settlement & Post-Settlement Funding for Your Clients
We provide pre-settlement and post-settlement funding and financing based on a pending case or lawsuit, a settled case or structured settlement. The transactions are not loans and do not impact the client's credit. Our non-recourse pre-settlement advance program helps clients get funds they need now to hold out for a better settlement. Our post-settlement program helps clients and attorneys who just can’t wait any longer to be paid. Our inheritance advance program helps beneficiaries of estates to meet their needs while they wait for the lengthy probate process to be completed. Funding can take place within 24 hours.

Class Action Settlements
We also purchase interests in class action settlements. We provided much needed assistance to class counsel who had fees tied up for years in the Fen-Phen litigation. We also provided much needed funds to attorneys and clients with money tied up in the Sulzer litigation, the Rezulin litigation, and most recently, the Zyprexa litigation. Funding can take place within 24 hours.

American Asset Finance, LLC is an attorney-owned and operated business. As such, we are sensitive to the legal and ethical issues involved in providing pre-settlement and post-settlement funding. All of our programs comply with legal and ethical requirements.

We are also proud sponsors of the AAJ, the Trial Lawyers for Public Justice, the Civil Justice Foundation and the NJAJ. We also sponsor many other state trial lawyers associations.

Our application process is fast, convenient and confidential Click here to fill out an application, or call us to speak with us.

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