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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a loan?

A: No. This is non-recourse funding/financing to help plaintiffs and injured persons to pay for basic living expenses while waiting for their case to be resolved and be paid.

Q: Will this show up on my credit report?

A: No. This is not a loan. We can recover only from the proceeds of your case.

Q: If we lose the case, do I still have to pay you back?

A: No. This is a non-recourse funding/financing. If you lose, we lose.

Q: What is your rate on presettlement advances?

A: The rate depends on the nature and complexity of the case, but our presettlement rates are competitive.

Q: Do I have to pay interest to you before the case settles?

A: No. This is not a loan. We recover when the settlement checks are disbursed or the judgment has been paid. There are no application fees or out-of-pocket costs.

Q: What can I use the money for?

A: You can use personal injury funding/financing to pay your rent, mortgage, utilities, tuition or any other basic living expense. Personal injury funds can also be used to pay for surgery or other necessary medical procedures.

Q: What is post settlement funding?

A: When you or your attorney have settled a case. you both still have to wait to get paid. Instead of waiting months for your money, you can have some of the money or most of the money within 24 hours.

Q: Is this a loan?

A: No. This is non-recourse funding/financing. This is not a loan. We can look only to the settlement proceeds to be paid back.

Q: How quickly can I get funded?

A: We can fund within 24 hours. All we need is the Settlement Agreement/Release or other proof that your case has settled, and the Retainer Agreement for an attorney post-settlement advance, along with a completed post settlement application.

Q: I have bad credit, can I still get post settlement funding?

A: Yes. As long as there are no tax liens, judgments or pending bankruptcies, we can get you postsettlement funds within 24 hours of settling a case.

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