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Financial Solutions & Services

American Asset Finance, LLC, one of the most experienced companies in the litigation funding and financing field, has been in business since 1997.  Attorney owned and operated, the principals of the company are admitted in six states throughout the country.  Specializing in bridging the gap between getting a case and getting paid on a case, we have unique access to private and institutional funding to provide programs for every facet of litigation – from pre-settlement to post-settlement.

We help attorneys and clients with the following types of litigation financing:

Pre-Settlement Funding

Post-Settlement Funding

Inheritances, Estates & Trusts

Structured Settlements

Pre-Settlement Funding
American Asset Finance, LLC can provide non-recourse funding and financing for attorneys and clients based on a pending case or lawsuit. Our lawsuit funding services can advance you money if you are involved in a personal injury lawsuit, auto accident case, or have sustained other injuries or been involved in an accident. For lawyers, obtaining settlement funding, financing for litigation or funding towards a lawsuit prior to settling the lawsuit allows your client to make loan and mortgage payments, stave off foreclosure, eviction or bankruptcy and allows you to get greater value for the client's case. If your client does not recover, American Asset Finance, LLC does not recover. Remember, this is not a loan.

Often in personal injury litigation, cases are settled for less than they are worth because the client cannot wait any longer to be paid. We can arrange a cash advance for the client based on the merits of the case to keep them going until the case can be settled for full value.

Post-Settlement Funding
American Asset Finance, LLC provides immediate non-recourse funding for attorneys and clients based on a settled case where actual payment may be delayed. Instead of waiting on payments over a long period of time from a lawsuit settlement, we can give you access now to your future money and funds to use today. We can provide a partial cash advance or purchase the entire interest.

We purchase interests in liquidation-bureau settlements, settlements requiring court approval such as wrongful death settlements and infants' compromise orders, deferred foreign or domestic insurance company settlements, deferred city, state, county settlements, class action-settlements, mass-tort settlements, and government reinsurance fund settlements and settlements delayed due to the new Medicaid restrictions.

If you have an interest in a settlement against a city, state or municipal government fund or against an insurance company and the proceeds will not be paid to you immediately, we can supply you with the cash you need now.

Our post-settlement funding is non-recourse. If the settlement is not paid, we do not get paid. Remember, this is not a loan. Funding can take place within 24 hours.

Inheritances, Estates & Trusts
If you have an interest in an estate or trust but tax releases have not been received or property liquidation has been delayed, we will pay you now in exchange for future payments out of the estate or trust. There are no loan fees or upfront costs. We receive payment directly once the assets are available for distribution.

Structured Settlements
If you have reached an agreement with another party where you are to receive a structured payout of monies from an insurance company, we can provide a one time payment in lieu of the structured payout. Instead of receiving annual or monthly payments for a long period of time from a lawsuit settlement, we can give you access now to your future money and funds to use today.

Our application process is fast, convenient and confidential Click here to fill out an application, or call us to speak with us.

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